20 Best Curly Hairstyles for Men: Unlocking the Power of Male Curly Hair

Curly hair offers endless possibilities for a stylish makeover. Let’s explore the best men’s hairstyles for wavy hair that not only showcase those curls but also elevate your natural charm by +100. 🌀

Short and Bold: Wavy Haircuts for a Masculine Vibe 🪓

Most guys opt for short styles that require minimal fuss. Check out these trendy haircuts tailored for men who prefer to keep their curls in check with a pair of scissors. 💇‍♂️

Crop and Undercut Combo

Embrace a bold and edgy look with the Crop and Undercut combo. The crop cut features shaved sides and back, with a smooth transition to the hair on top starting from the middle of the head. Unlike a Mohawk, the crop cut maintains a softer transition, making styling much simpler.

The hair length in the crop cut is typically kept under 2 inches, offering a hassle-free morning routine. If you want to maintain your curls, consider the semi-crop variation, which leaves more hair on the temples and nape of the neck. The crop cut suits all types of appearances, making it a universal choice for both refined gentlemen and those aiming for a more rebellious style.

Important! The crop cut works exceptionally well for individuals with naturally stiff, curly hair, taming the curls and giving the overall look a stylish, concise, and slightly aggressive edge. 💈✂️

Classic with a Twist

For a laid-back look with retained curls, go for a classic cut with shorter sides and back. Ideal for wavy hair, it offers versatility—try variations like the side-part, textured, or swept-back styles. Whether you’re a mature gentleman or a young trendsetter, this classic cut is timeless. 🕰️💈

Pro Tip: If your curls are on the stiffer side, opt for a shorter style like the crop or undercut for a sleek, slightly aggressive vibe. 💪

Henry Cavill’s Superman rocks the classic cut, proving its timeless appeal. Join the likes of James Franco and Simon Baker in embracing this versatile and iconic hairstyle. 🌟✨

The Undercut: A Timeless Style with a Historical Twist

To grasp the essence of an undercut, envision the iconic look of Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List. This hairstyle wasn’t a director’s whim but rather a reflection of the undercut’s emergence during World War II.

The classic short undercut is defined by closely shaved temples and the nape of the neck, while preserving length at the top. Versatile in nature, the hair can be slicked sideways or backward for a polished appearance. For a touch of creative flair, leave it unstyled for a effortlessly cool look.

The undercut remains a popular choice for short haircuts on wavy locks, universally complementing any appearance and accentuating masculinity in your overall image. 💇‍♂️✨

Creative Medium-Length Curls: Expressive Men’s Haircuts for the Bold

Having hair that grazes the cheekbones is an excellent canvas for a stylish transformation. Discover the best haircuts for men with medium-length curly hair, perfect for accentuating your appearance and expressing individuality.

Bob: Unleashing the Creative Chaos 🌀

When you search for whimsical hairstyles for men with curls, Google directs you to the bob, the pinnacle for showcasing curls in all their glory. The bob crafts a stylishly messy look that manages to maintain a neat appearance.

This haircut is particularly suited for soft, large curls, transforming stiff curls into a captivating afro. Ideal for emphasizing wavy hair, the bob adds a romantic touch reminiscent of the likes of Louis Garrel and Timothée Chalamet. If you seek a distinctive and youthful curly hairstyle, the bob is your go-to choice to stand out from the crowd. 💇‍♂️✨

Tailored Twist: Elevated Elegance with a Twist 🍁

An elongated version of the classic cut with a seamless transition from the temples to the top of the head exudes creativity and originality, especially on wavy locks.

The Tailored Twist is a trendy men’s haircut for curly hair, featuring relatively short temples compared to the voluminous hair on top. Unlike the undercut, the temples maintain a significant length, adding a unique charm to your overall look. 💈🍁

Sleek and Asymmetrical: The Sherlock Inspired Cut 🔍

Today, the Sherlock Inspired Cut stands out as one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men with curly hair, combining texture and stylish nonchalance. Formerly reserved for straight hair, this haircut exuded a subcultural vibe. It features long oblique bangs, asymmetrical strands, and distinctive temple angles.

On wavy hair, the Sherlock Inspired Cut becomes a captivating fusion of textured lines and the softness of curls. This haircut complements individuals with a slim build and expressive, sharp facial features—akin to the distinctive style sported by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. 💇‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

Rocking the Curls: Trendy Men’s Haircuts for Long, Wavy Locks 🌊

Stylish options for long, curly hair might seem scarce, but we’ve got the lowdown on some impressive men’s haircuts for those rocking impressive lengths.

Top Knot: Elevating the Classics with a Twist 💫

Long-haired folks often opt for a simple ponytail or bun, but kick it up a notch by shaving the temples and the back of the head, transforming it into a top knot. This stylish knot at the back of the head isn’t just for the creative souls, hipsters, and bikers—it’s a go-to for sophisticated gents, seamlessly blending with a sharp business suit.

For curly guys, the top knot brings extra volume, making it more dynamic than on straight hair. This haircut pairs perfectly not only with a light stubble but also with a well-groomed beard and mustache. 💇‍♂️✨

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Men’s Bob: Structured Coolness for Shoulder-Length Waves 🌀

Think of the men’s bob as a more structured cousin of the classic bob, tailored for long hair rather than medium length. If you’re flaunting shoulder-length, curly locks, Jason Momoa’s hairstyle is your ticket to style perfection.

The men’s bob beautifully accentuates the face and crafts a creative image, especially suited for strongly curly hair with small or medium curls. For wavy hair, consider the flowy layers, enhancing volume for those flowing locks. 💁‍♂️🌟

Flowy Layers and Wavy Charm: Adding Dimension to Your Curls 🚀

In the realm of men’s haircuts for curly hair, flowy layers and wavy charm steal the show by injecting volume and character. Flowy layers offer a smooth length transition, maintaining a more natural flow, while the cascade brings a more pronounced, expressive flair. The cascade rocks specially highlighted bangs.

Both elongated haircuts cater to those with luxurious curls that need a touch of taming. Flowy layers work their magic on hair up to the shoulders, while the cascade shines at any length. 🌈💈

Mastering Curly Mane: Lifehacks for Effortless Styling 🌀

Stylish men’s hairstyles for curly hair often demand some artful styling. Forget the old-school trick of taming unruly curls with just water—let’s dive into more modern methods. Discover how to care for men’s curly hairstyles without the unnecessary fuss and frizz.

  • Choose Wisely: Opt for a Comb with Large Teeth. Ditch the massage comb; it’s a tangling trap for your curls.
  • Short and Sweet: Keep It Simple with Gel or Wax. For short men’s haircuts on curly hair, stick to straightforward styling products like gel or wax to give your hairstyle the perfect shape.
  • Wet Elegance: Mousse for Long and Medium Hair. Style long and medium hair while it’s still wet using a mousse for a touch of controlled elegance.
  • Deep Dive: Treat Your Mane with Balms and Masks. Combat frizz in medium-length hairstyles with regular use of balms, masks, and conditioners 2-3 times a week to strengthen strands and prevent split ends.
  • Pin It Up: Quick Fixes for Long Bangs. Pin up long bangs with hairpins, especially during work hours, to combat shine and skip daily washes, preventing excessive greasiness.
  • Lighten the Load: Softness over Heavy Styling. Avoid weighing down stiff hair with excessive styling; opt for a conditioner during washing for added softness and shine.
  • Fine and Free: Minimal Comb, Right Products. If you have fine curls, skip the combing altogether; focus on choosing suitable care products tailored for men’s wavy hairstyles.

Curly hair on men exudes incredible charm when paired with the right hairstyle. We hope these tips help you discover an interesting option that not only enhances your facial features but also elevates your overall charisma! 🌟💇‍♂️


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